Italský fotograf bude vystavovat svá díla od 1. prosince do konce ledna.
Italian photographer will present his works. 1. 12. 2022-31. 1. 2023.



Ferrara Carlo was born in Novi Ligure in 1975. He currently works at a multinational food
company located in Piedmont. He began his interest in photography in 2006 and
deepened his knowledge by attending seminars, courses and experiments. His interest
drives him to rediscover analogue photography and the darkroom while not leaving out the
digital, with which he produces most of his works.

"Through the observation of the real world, I develop surreal images, which become a
metaphor for opinions and reasoning. The character I play in every photograph is the
representation of the human race. The self-portrait is not aesthetic, but it is the comparison
of personal emotions with the emotions of the masses. An instrument of inner exploration
and a mirror for the observer. All production is united by an obsessive search for personal
stability, with respect to themes that cannot have an unequivocal answer. "